Sign of the Year (Letra del Año)



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Sign for this year: 


Eyó lobo arayé lese Obiní

Osha oniré - CHANGO 

                       Oniche sí - Lamb, 2 roosters and a guinea to Changó, inviting Yemayá           

Santo ruling this year



Ruling along with   



Head Rogation 

Fresh fish or 2 coconuts and fruit


Cleaning for the house

Incense, myrrh and copal

Burn cornmeal and clean the house with the smoke


Saints to receive this year

Olocun, Odduwá, los Ibejis, Orisha-oko, ikofá Yewá, Inle, Naná Burucú, Osain, Orun, San Lázaro y Olofin



















This year the Santos want:


Elegguá, Oggún, Ochosi, Oshun 

1 kid goat

1 rooster

1 pigeon


Orula and Oshun

2 hens

(they eat together)



2 white pigeons



4 black hens


Changó and Yemayá

1 lamb

2 roosters

1 guinea

(they eat together)



1 young rooster


1 rooster




ADVICE of 2017

This year we can expect many blessings.  Great progress is in store for us this year.  It will not be by accident, but by reward for working hard and for complying with Ifa. Blessings will come from our destiny, our guardian Orishas and our ancestors. 


We must accept that hard work and training is a recipe for success, through our struggles & keeping our faith and not losing our character will bring many blessing to all this year.  By keeping our character and not losing our dignity we will find unexpected help from unexpected sources.  We must have exemplary character at all times never losing ourselves to the situation or the people around us.  Never engage in revenge or conspiracy to take revenge on anyone for any reason.


We will have the Ashe and the power to influence people positively by speaking and our words.  We must use this for good and to help others.  Leave all negativity and insults because we can do great harm. Remember to use the gift and power positively.

We must train and teach our children to be respectful, helpful and kind.  At the same time must Listen to our children, as one of them may grow up to give you some wise advice this year.           


For those that have dogs, you MUST take care of our dogs, watch and love them. Do not mistreat them!


For those thinking of moving or changing residency (personal or business), it is highly recommended to make the change and move.


For women looking to get pregnant, avoid fish and poultry.  Also, for those who think that they cannot get pregnant or have been thought of as barren, this is the year that it is highly probable that they can have children. Again, use moderation in speech in announcing the pregnancy and announcing the birth of the child. Use discretion, be private and be humble of the blessing.


For those with young babies & children, breast feeding is highly recommended.  Try to avoid unnatural ways to feed young infants.  Keep all young babies & children out of the sun and avoid large crowds.  Children should avoid swimming too much in the hot sun.  Beware of losing a son this year due to bad influence of the street. 


VERY IMPORTANT: Be aware of blood flow, blood circulation, high blood pressure & diabetes. Need good blood circulation to avoid intestinal problems, intestinal paralysis and paralysis of our legs. Women should be aware of menstrual flow being heavy or irregular. In general, to improve blood circulation, use Vitamin E and foods such as almonds, spinach and avocado.  


If memory loss is experienced, avoid turkey meat.


A low-sodium diet is highly recommended. Salt can make our bodies sick.

AVOID ALCOHOL & SMOKING!! It will deteriorate your system.  Drinking on an empty stomach will make it worse.

This year do not get tired of working and not getting results. Ifa says it will put a smile on our face.  Keep our  faith. Every time something bad happens, don’t feel sorry for yourself or get down. Say “MAFEREFUN ESHU.” Always stay positive.  Eshu will test us three times this year.


  • Engaging in business, joint business adventures & partnerships where we have to invest our own money with a promise of a return is NOT recommended this year, as we may experience loss.

  • We may find ourselves in roles working for high-level important people in the workplace or community who will depend on our counsel or expertise.  We will be drawn to these high ranking individuals based on our competency, wisdom & honesty. 

  • Success can be found by those looking to expand business opportunities OUTSIDE of their current environment. For instance, look outside of the existing neighborhood, city, state or country.

  • We may find ourselves advancing in Leadership roles within the workplace or community.  These roles call for poise, elegance, intelligence, bravery & most importantly compassion.  Always inquire and ask for associates’ & peers’ input. It is imperative for them to know that their opinion matters.  Be humble in decision making.  Show humility & consideration for those next to & beneath us otherwise we may find ourselves removed from the position.  (Moderate speech & language).

  • This is the year of the birth of the barter system. Be creative in business for trading skills with products & opportunities, etc.



  • This year we can find our soul mate. We can meet our perfect someone that will give the balance we need. Marriage is highly probable this year!

  • For those that are in a relationship or marriage, we must strive to work together, avoid arguing over unimportant matters never argue over economic situations. Do not look to blame the spouse for problems.

  • If one is thinking about leaving, they must realize that the biggest blessings we have are children and family.

  • Do not argue or have disagreements about money.

  • You must have mutual respect with each other. The woman should not be mouthy or disrespectful. 

  • Recommend eating meals together as a family


MUST AVOID BEING CAPRICIOUS! (Do not always change your mind, mood or behavior; say one thing & do another). We  can lose Ashe, blessings and lose the good things in our life.


This year the sign speaks of birth of languages, different races & separation of mankind.  This year gives us the message that God and Ifa knows neither no rich or poor, no king or prince, no black or white. God and Ifa knows us all in the same.  We must strive to live in compassion for our fellow human beings, brothers and sisters expressing universal love.


Dress in white as much as possible this year.


This year will mark the Beginning and End of many things.


God helps those that help themselves. Give respect in order to earn respect.


Do not leave dirty dishes overnight as it will attract negative spirits.


Cleanse yourself of negativity, EVEN THOSE IN YOUR OWN FAMILY. You will not obtain full happiness until you leave the side of negative people.

Our intelligence, wisdom & powers of our mind will be at an all-time high! We must strive to have faith and positive thoughts daily.


Avoid negative thoughts that can hinder our own progress.


This year Orisha possession will be at an all-time high probability for those that have the gift.


Must be aware of your relationships with your God-Parents in Ifa.


The one thing that is worse than death is fear.  Be courageous in our ambitions or aspirations.  This is the birth of the Ide Ifa to block death, this is recommended for those who have not received it or who need a replacement. 


We must not rush to judgment. Wait until the next morning before acting on an impulse.

Recommended for those Diviners who have the Babalawo path of Ifa or receive IKOFA, they should complete this year.