Sign of the Year (Letra del Año)



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Sign for this year: 



Santo ruling this year



Head Rogation 

Fresh fish

Cleaning for the house








We need to spiritually align ourselves with Ifa. This is for our own safety and well-being.

fa says there is a menace and attack against the family of Ifa. Ifa is calling us to arm ourselves with attributes of his

ashe & energy. Babalawos should be at the focal point of spiritual guidance this year.

Orunmila has given us one of his two greatest virtues in Otura niko and Oshe Ofun, Odus with capacity and ritual

of the panaldo followed by the sacred Ide Ifa (bracelet of Ifa).

Orunmila and your Ori will help you defeat all. Ifa says your Ori is strong and will not allow you to be harmed.

Propitiate your Ori through head cleansings is key to gain strength, also

doing so will open up your destiny, strengthen your path and Ire.

 Must be aware working with or attending any spiritual masses.

Invoking spirits or Eggun is extremely dangerous. Working with your Eggun and ancestors is key,

but without invoking, channeling or possession.

Too many spirits and Eggun of negative nature are going to be very close and invading our space.


Regarding your own Egguns Working mainly with Father and Mother spirit.


Regarding your guides place 4 to 6 Red roses, flowers to your alter.

VERY IMPORTANT – Avoid looking in the mirror very early in the morning.

Any type of protection you have that is missing, (amulets, necklaces, etc.) must be found or replaced.

If says this year will be the creation of different social groups gathering in towns to subsist and prosper.

Look this year to be more social in your Ile (spiritual community) that you belong to.






Relationships will be the most challenging part of our lives.

Those in relationships and marriages MUST do EBO to protect.

Also, use of an Odu Ara (thunderstone) consecrated and reinforced in Ogun, Ifa, Osha, etc.


Women must be careful not to be put in a situation where you are competing or fighting for the love of a man.

Many attacks on spirits and other drama affecting your happiness.





Do not eat squid, octopus or calamari.

Be mindful of stomach tightening up, becoming dysfunctional… detox or take a laxative.






Someone in the workplace, social circle or even family circle, will be acting like an ally this year,

yet is secretly looking to betray you, sell you out. Be careful, distrustful and guarded with who you befriend and confide in.


Conform yourself to what God has blessed you with, not to look at anyone else with envy or jealousy.

A poor, humble man can live better than a King.

Be careful of enslavement… getting yourself tied or trapped in a situation for helping or getting involved.

Do not wear jewelry or necklaces while sleeping to avoid choking.

Always ASK if you are unsure to save yourself from errors.

Beware of passing judgment, as you can end up embarrassed.

DO NOT PROCRASTINATE – prepare things with adequate time.

All contracts must be well-read and understood before signing or engaging.

Avoid wearing the solid color red on your chest.

Avoid distraction when walking in the streets. Pay attention to your surroundings.

Big windfall of economic blessings could come this year. When it does, cook food for Orisha and ancestors.