Sign of the Year (Letra del Año)




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Sign for this year: 


Aro ottonowa

Osha onire-OSHUN

Oniche si -  quails to Oshun   





Santo ruling this year



Ruling along with   




Give a kid goat to Elegua, cleaning your self with it, inviting Ogun, Ochosi and Osun.

2 roosters and a pigeon


Head Rogation 

2 coconuts, fruit and seso vegetal


Cleaning for the house

incense, myrrh and copal


Saints to receive this year

Olocun, Odduwá, Ibejis, Argayu, Orisha-oko and for the santeros whatever its in their Ita.





















This year the Santos want:


Elegguá, Oggún, Ochosi, Osun 

a small male goat , 2 roosters and a white pigeon as marked in the ebbo



2 black hens



2 white pigeons



9 fruits


Changó and Yemayá

2 roosters each and they eat together



5 quails



1 hen





Advice of the year:


This is a sign where the children are disrespectful to their father.

Don’t abandon your elderly parents.

Ask your parents’ forgiveness if you were disrespectful to them.

Respect all elderly people.

The betrayal of various people against one person.

The sign talks of black magic and witchcraft.

You must be careful, there’s a war coming, it could be against the city or against the people, it might be here already.

Loss in the family.

Be careful with alcohol.

If a man person has a path to Ifa, do it as soon as possible, so that a great luck reaches you.

This is a year of cheating, divorces and separations.

The woman shouldn’t feel better than her husband, nor take advantage of him.

The abuse of the young against the elderly.

Finish what the ancestors didn’t accomplish, finish the religious inheritance.

The drowning, the hanging and the wealth of the babalawo.

Where the person could lose their “crown”, where you could lose your job, your well being or position.

Be careful with the law, where you might go to jail.

This sign forbids swimming in the sea or the river, where you could drown or the sea might swallow you.

Be careful in a boat, you could be lost at sea.

You must receive Olocun.

Avoid getting bored, find something to do.

Don’t get involved in other people’s problems.

It’s forbidden to eat animal’s insides, like liver, kidneys, etc.

If you follow Orula’s advice, you will go from poor to wealthy.

Orula recommends charging well for your work.

Be careful you don’t lose yourself, if it hasn’t already happened.

Don’t fight other people’s battles.

This sign talks about problems between the father and his children, but more with his daughter.

In this Ifa it’s good to take baths with leaves from a fig tree, rosemary and cologne.

This sign warns people of bigger problems.

Be careful of theft of money or valuables.

Being disobedient brings bad consequences.

Stomach problems.

Be careful with cheating in your personal life. Avoid being disrespectful.

You have to care of your blood and your mental health.

Be fair with your own conscience.

Don’t argue with anyone about religion.

Don’t lose your “crown”.

Be careful with sores on the feet.

Take care of your dental hygiene, see a dentist.

Don’t do favors for people, people don’t appreciate it.

Don’t get abortions or recommend it to anyone.

Control your bad temper.