Sign of the Year (Letra del Año)



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Sign for this year: 



Santo ruling this year



Ruling along with   



Head Rogation 

Fresh fish

Cleaning for the house








ADVICE of 2018

We came with Blessings!  The source of blessings will come from our ancestors, focusing on the Mother, Grandmother or Mother figure.  Spiritual guides are strong! Light your candles, pray, meditate.  Remember, Always Honor and Give Thanks.




Children should be celebrated! Make children happy!

One in particular will be the salvation to the rest.  Someone that no one considers or thinks is special outside of the home.

Have a party for kids.

The kids are going to be a very spiritual path for Ifa!

Children that develop pimples are being marked of needing help, spiritual or medical. 

When the cat’s away the mice will play.



Ifa advises not to fall into a relationship of convenience. 

Women who get pregnant but don’t love the man will stay for kids.

Married women with kids stay in an unhappy marriage.

For those in a happy union or relationship, someone will be giving the woman/wife bad advice to leave.

Both must be careful in taking bad advice.

Men must respect and honor the woman, as she brings Luck.

Do not allow others to influence what happens in your home.

Single women – beware of the man you come in contact with or just met. Before confiding or opening up fully, you must be sure about him, because the man may give up your secrets in order to keep you.


Cardiovascular concerns. Blood pressure relating to the heart. Dizziness relating to pressure.  We must be careful this year not to over exert ourselves, may lead to heart attack.

Headaches due to stress.

Men check your prostate.

Watch your eyes – beware of accidents.

Emotionally and mentally we must be put right.

Respect Oshun and offer to the River 5 different foods/fruits.  She will bless us with love, money and happiness!

Avoid spicy and salty foods.




Everyone must be cautious of giving up information others confide in you. Here is where it is said that you can betray the trust others give you.


Most importantly speaks of betrayal from others so use EXTREME CAUTION with who you trust with your personal information or secrets.

Be cautious of those that avoid eye contact with you this year.

Remove negative people from your life.

Beware of getting things that are too high up. Ifa foresees a possible injury or accident. Use a chair or step stool.

HYGIENE is highly stressed. Bathe frequently. Use frequent spiritual baths frequently to avoid negativity, especially those dealing with healing spiritually, mentally, physically.

Embrace all communities! Tend to those with handicaps and any differences such as sexual orientation.  We need to respect people of all backgrounds and religions! Respect the faith of other practitioners. Respect the elders of Ifa.

Clairvoyants are strong this year.

Beware of flammable objects, accidental fires or even arson!

Recommend no swimming in the ocean, deep sea diving or boating.


Praise the thunder this year! Maferefun SHANGO!

Do not attend spiritual drumming or dances, as there is a strong possibility to get mounted or possessed.

PARENTS - Support young daughters and children in general with relationships. Don’t curse or wish bad on them… If they leave to be with their man, they will come back.