Sign of the Year
(Letra del Año)




                                           I I

                                           I I

                                           I I

                                           I I

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Sign for this year: EJI OGBE

Santo Ruling this year: ELEGUA

Recommendation: Head Rogations & House Cleaning

















  • Get organized, with the religion and in your private life.

  • If you have to crown Santo, do it. If you need to do Ifá, do it.

  • A very strong and high sign, but everything could end up in the air.

  • Respect for the religion and your elders.

  • It talks about many deaths and phenomenon.

  • Be careful being out at night.

  • Take care of your head.

  • Be careful with alcoholic beverages.

  • Babalawos and Santeros should not do readings at night.

  • Two parallel lines that never get together.

  • There will be many separations, between couples and friends.

  • A lot of envy in this sign.

  • Don’t curse people.

  • Be careful with gossip and mix ups.

  • Be careful with problems with the law.

  • If you have difficulties, pray to Orula, Eleggua and Oya.

  • If you have warriors, take care of them. If you don’t have them, receive them.

  • If you’re a Babalawo, get a rogation with a fresh fish once a year.

  • This year many people will have witchcraft done to them, they could see shadows and spirits that keep them from getting ahead.

  • You should be grateful, don’t think that you’re better than other people.

  • Don’t eat leftovers or reheated food.

  • Don’t wear other people’s clothes and don’t wear too much black clothing.

  • Start looking for a Madrina or Padrino in the religion.

  • Two inseparable friends that break up or couples that can break up.

  • Santeros and Babalawos should feed a rooster to the garbage.

  • “Rey muerto, rey puesto”, be careful someone doesn’t take your position at work, don’t be too trusting.


This year with the start of the Century, we came with EJI OGBE, marking NEW BEGINNINGS! Manifestation of a new day! New Year, New Decade… Dawn of a New Era! Changes are coming in with the fullest and strongest energy and alignment!

Eji Ogbe, being the first sign in Ifá Corpus, comes with new starts. Leadership roles, positions of authority and managerial roles. Do not run away from such opportunities, even if they come with added responsibilities.

Biggest quality have is to remain HUMBLE. Try not to display your intellect to avoid arrogance.

ORGANIZATION is key and one of the most fundamental aspects to having a successful year!

* Strive for this to the HIGHEST LEVEL!

* From your physical space, be sure to declutter – REMOVE WHAT NEEDS TO BE GONE

* Organize your thoughts, goals and spirituality

* Avoid being scatter-brained, remain FOCUSED


Beware of pursuit of desires that can put you in danger or bring negativity.

Women between 30-45 avoid stubbornness and abrasiveness with your partner. There is still the possibility of having a child. Remain humble.

Birth of Emi – Life to the unborn fetus. While there is life, there is hope.


Much envy and rumors this year. Attacking of one’s character. Be kind and act in a calm manner. Give people an opportunity to see the real you. Don’t get angry or lose control.  



* Be very clear and thorough to avoid miscommunication

* “Child that bites the hand that feeds it”

* Children and god children must show gratitude and respect

* Children should avoid blaming parents for their life choices; take responsibility

* Avoid arguments where children get caught in the middle

* Avoid arguments leading to tragedy and general losses

* Elders are advised to NOT get involved in children’s love lives


Your good deeds will not go unnoticed and will be repaid in life.


Multiple Blessings coming! 3 STRONG BLESSINGS! Be careful of legal problems that can stop it before the blessings arrive.


Do not allow babies to crawl on the floor of the house.


Eshu this year will cause SEPARATION where he sees fit. Trust in his will.


Do not engage in self-deceit – avoid relationships where you are focusing on the past (people, loved ones, etc.) Enjoy and focus on your loved ones that are alive. Don’t be stuck in relationships that are dead and not letting you live your best, happy life.

Do not enter houses unless you have been invited in. This includes buildings, apartments, offices etc. You must be invited and have authority to enter.

Dress in WHITE as much as possible! Even when you are at home.

Keep something RED facing the door.

MUST AVOID RUMORS IN YOUR SPACE! Work, home, etc. Do not be swayed, DO NOT GOSSIP!

Avoid Eggs and Sweet Potatoes.

Avoid working with darker energies. You will get trapped in the negative realm.

Leave fruit along the beach, asking that your “steps are sure and triumphant.”

Take OBI (coconut), rub with cascaria (white chalk), present it to the sky at night before going to the bed. And in the morning present it to the sun. Do this for 16 days, then take it to a hill and present it to Olorun (sun), asking God to clean you of all negativity. 


Eggun – Mother/maternal love ancestry is strong. Will be most present. When you feel there is no way out, she will save you.

Working with an Eggun called IBOLA and 2 African Spirits – adorn the altars accordingly! Your spiritual altar should have a sun in the middle of a white cloth. And on top of the sun, put 7 white lilies or roses.

Must go out and grab your IRE (Blessings) – take steps to protect your future. God helps those that help themselves!

Respect to get Respected.

Happiness is an internal emotion.

Faith is integral to staying on path for blessings. God’s point of view is different from ours. TRUST IN HIS VISION.

Ifá says that God will help us progress gradually this year as long as we don’t give up, but we will have progress and will close out the year with the ending of things and the begin of things.

Appreciate your Blessings!